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How to Write the Perfect Job Ad

Quick Fire Tips To Guarantee High Quality Job Applications

The ability to write a great job advert should be the secret weapon in every recruiters arsenal, it sounds too simple to even say but a well written job ad will go far further in your talent acquisition drive than any other recruitment skill out there.

Firing out generic job ads at speed is a common misconception that by saving time you can focus your efforts on other areas but in reality, it’s quality that outweighs the quantity...

With that said, here are some simple but essential tips to remember when writing your job adverts:

Don’t overcomplicate things
If a candidate does not understand the job role, the more likely you are to lose them. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

Clearly define the opportunity
Give insight into the role and day to day responsibilities. Using examples of real life scenarios will help candidates understand what is expected of them and will equally align expectations from the offset.

Job location
Always include the job location. This doesn’t just refer to where the local office is based, candidates will want to know what options are available when it comes to remote and hybrid working.

Would you apply for your own job?
Read your job advert back and ask yourself, if you were a candidate seeing this for the first time, would you have any questions that could have easily been answered in the description?

Get their attention
Be creative with the job title, this determines whether or not the candidate clicks “read more”or moves onto the next job. There are thousands of job ads to contend with, make yours stand out.

Stay away from bullet point lists, this is far too generic and stinks of a cut and paste template. The very best job descriptions will sound unique and naturally attract a higher volume of candidates.

Experiment with content
Try and incorporate video content into your job descriptions, the majority of candidates will be browsing on mobile devices and are far more likely to watch a video than scroll through text, if they have the option. This also gives you the added benefit of engaging content to share across social channels, helping your job advert reach wider audiences.

Avoid using phrases such as “competitive based on experience”, if it's so competitive, why don’t you include this in the job advert? Quality candidates will almost always want this before investing their time in applications.

Make the application process easy
You’ve worked hard to get the candidate interested, the last thing you want is to lose them at the most important part. Make sure you have an “Apply” button at the top and bottom of all pages. Likewise, make use of a simple application form, there’s plenty of time for details. Stick to name, email, cv and mobile as essentials - some candidates will be reluctant to give everything away at this stage.

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