Recruitment Campaigns

4. Recruitment Campaigns

4. Recruitment Campaigns

Full Recruitment Campaigns - POA

Our "all singing all dancing service" with bells and whistles! This service incorporates everything you need for volume or niche hires and marketing to your company at the same time. Maybe you are opening a new site, looking to aggressively expand or even relocating your Head Office from one end of the country to the other​​​. This service takes all aspects of Recruitment Advertising to a new level and our expert team will design you a tailor made solution to ensure high calibre candidates are recruited on time and of course to budget.

Chimera Extensive Recruitment Campaign's include:

> ​Extensive Online Advertising designed to capture a larger volume or specific niche of candidates

> Premium Branded Video Advertising to attractively showcase your brand

> Job Advertising branded with your company logo

> Sponsored Social Media Marketing

> Extensive Candidate Database Searching

> Branded Banners and Infographics

> Video Interviewing Software - can reduce time to hires by 70%!

> Hire by position not by person - make multiple hires!

> Your own dedicated Project Manager

> Multiple Hires! Recruit as many candidates as you like from the Recruitment Campaign. All for one "Fixed Fee"

If you are interested in finding out more about our Full Recruitment Campaigns then we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the form below or if you prefer call us on 01743 770281 and chat to our expert team.